Nagasaki (day 2)

Although the matrass in the hostel is old and bumpy, I slept like a baby again. Today’s programm starts with a visit to the Memorial Site & Peace Park & museum. That is in the (far) north of the city. They aimed for a shipyard but they hit Asia’s biggest catholic church smack on the top. Mostly women, children, elderly, Korean workers and pow’s were killed. But before I go there I must eat a bit and get a good coffee, ‘coz I don’t think I can stand the site & sight on an empty stomach.

Just came back from the Memorial Site & Peace Park. Although I (just like any other halfway intelligent person) knew about the horrors an A-bomb causes, I had to swallow quite a bit and hold back a tear or two. It’s very impressive what is shown and how it is shown. Of course all know about the history and progress of WW2, in Europe and in Asia, who started, who did what and when (and this is all on display too)… but when you see a molten glassbottle with the remains of the bones of a human hand directly in front of you, then it all becomes a bit different. Or a wooden fence, with the shadow of a man burnt into it. Or the testimonies of a few survivors. Horrible.
When I came out, I sat outside in the Memorial Park at the hypocenter and it was good to see ppl alive and laughing again. Many groups of schoolchildren were visiting both museum and park. At the obelisk (ground zero) they paid their respect and sang a few songs. Tear no. xx.

After the joy of a nice Japanese-style lunchbox, I felt a bit better again and strolled around the city. I had still my day-pass for the tram, so I made a randomtrip to the end of the line 5 and found a free “street-elevator” (or how do you call these elevators, which ride not vertically but diagonally uphill?) up the hill of Minami-Yamate to the Clover-garden. This was closed of course, it was 7pm, but the view was beautiful: Nagasaki by night. The pictures are prob not so good with my camera, but anyway. Tonight I celebrated my liberation with a great dinner (at Bunjiro) with fried shrimps. And these weren’t those 2-cm-shrimps you normally get, no these were from the 20-cm-category. Delicious! Now a beer ….
Just a shame I can’t bill John Donahoe for it…..

Oh, before I forget: the trams in Nagasaki… The trip always costs 120 ¥, whether you travel one station or until the end of the line. Transferring to another line can only be done at one station, there you’ll get a transfer-ticket (so you don’t have to pay twice). And the best is: there are four (4) lines, logically numbered line 1, 3, 4 and 5….


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  1. hey Ad, you should swim over to Jeju Do, Korea’s honeymoon island, it’s pretty amazing 🙂

      • BTW it’s too far to swim for an old guy like moi. Have to save some energy for all those pretty nice Japanese women 😛

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