Sad day

Today is a sad day, because from now on I’m travelling back to Tokyo. A few stops inbetween of course, and two ferrytrips across the Japanese inner-sea (?) to and from the island Shikoku and a traintrip across the whole island… so, there is actually a lot still coming up. 🙂

I’m in Hiroshima now, the trip was quite fast in that Shinkansen. But I must admit: it doesn’t feel different if you sit on the John at 0 km/h or at 300 km/h. Hey, may I suggest we start using that expression from now on? “S(h)itting on the John D.” … just a little revenge 😀

For lunch I treated myself to a delicious okonomiyaki around the corner of my hostel. That was the second time I had it, but you may consider me now an official Okonomiyaki-fan!

This afternoon I went to the A-bomb Memorial (you know: the one with the dome) and the park. Impressive again, I made some nice pic’s but cannot upload them here. Pls be patient! Especially the monument of the 12-year girl with the thousands of cranebirds is impressive.