I was just reading the Japanese Times Online and came across an article about the fascination of Japanese for big insects. That reminded me of an encounter I had last year in Nara (which is very close to Kyoto, yes). To be more precise: that was an encounter I do NOT wish to repeat!

In the Yougendo Guesthouse in Nara (which was actually very good and really beautiful) they have a large garden next to the building, and when you visit a certain little, private room, you have a direct view on it (when you open the window). One day I had a look at the opposite wall and in the corner was a big – no, a HUGE – insect. It was as large as a guineapig (at least 30 cm long) and I have never been so fast to finish my business and leave the room. I am a very big fan of horror-films, but that was one step too close to reality. I found a picture of similar bugs, but I will not post that on my blog because I find it too scary. In fact it’s just a man with a 5 or 6 huge beetles on him, but I find it creepy. So don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!! Here is the link to the article and picture.