Konnichi wa!

It’s now 9 PM but my biological clock tells me something else… Of course I didn’t sleep in the airplane, but that was expected. So I arrived at Kansai airport at 9 AM, but for me it was 2 AM. and now I’m struggling with a Japanese keyboard: it’s very easy, until you press a wrong key and the computer suggests Japanese characters while I type. Ha, got it again 😉
I’m a week too late for the cherry blossoms in Kyoto: a lot of the trees are done already, but it’s still beautiful. And with a fresh okonomiyaki form donburi in me I feel good again, just a bit tired.

Funny to see that after only 3 months of language-course I can actually read a lot of the signs, as long as they’re in Hiragana. Only problem is that I didn’t do the advanced course: I may be able to read it, but I don’t know what it is a lot of times. Is it the name of the product? Is it a delicious Japanese dish? Or is it one of those obscene Japanese games involving a ladies left shoe, 12 matches and a handful of hot peppers? Hmm, I think I’ll be careful….
Now I’m off to bed: my eyes are refusing any duty…