Today’s tour was nr. 3 of the Kyoto Walks which went through the Arashiyama-area (in the north-west of Kyoto). It is – just like the rest of Kyoto – full of temples, parks and historical sites & sights. The main-streets are covered with souvenirshops, but you get used to them. Every secondshop or so offers a snack-for-free, so that makes it OK.

The tour went passed the Tenryū-ji-temple..

The temple’s mainbuilding.

..and it’s beautiful garden. Those who know me, might know that I’m not very gifted with plants (most die), but this garden was really beautiful.

The pond.

At the back of the garden is a bamboo-forest. When you take the north-exit of the park (not the main-exit), you go through it. It must be a bit scary, when it is dark…

Me in the bamboo-forest.

After that bamboo-forest is the Ōkōchi Sansō, built by the Japanese actor Denjirō Ōkōchi, famous by the scar on his face (at least that is the impression I get after viewing the little museum).

Denjirō’s house

One of the filmposters

And at the end of the tour a free cup of real green tea with a Japanese sweet awaits you. I’m slowly getting addicted to that stuff – the tea, that is.

Tea and sweets.

The rest of the pictures I will upload to some online photobook later today: I’ve got already some 300 pictures. Man, I need a real camera!


3 thoughts on “Arashiyama-tour

  1. Zo te zien is het de moeite om er ook eens naar toe te gaan , maar mijn interesse ligt toch meer in het wereldrijk van Barac Obama en Canada.Piet.

    • Canada staat bij mij ook nog hoog op het lijstje, maar dan ergens in een mooie zomer: met de motor door ‘t land touren. Maar dat zal niet dit jaar zijn, vrees ik. Wie weet…

  2. Ja Ad dan is Route 66 zeker een aanrader bv vanaf Chicago ,wij zijn in NY begonnen tot Santa Monica ( jammer dat de R 66 steeds meer onderbroken wordt) maar toch is het de moeite waard.
    Gr Piet en Nelly.

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