Kuzukiri – くずきり

Today as extra with my green tea: くずきり or kuzukiri. It means “starch noodles”. These noodles were served in cold iced water with a cup of some sweet sauce to dip them in. For the Dutch amongst us: this sauce tasted very much like appelstroop, but it was much more liquid (like water). It tasted quite nice with the tea, but I confess it was quite a struggle with those slippery noodles. I made a bit of a mess of myself and the table, but who cares….


2 thoughts on “Kuzukiri – くずきり

  1. En wij zijn groot geworden met aardappelen, vlees en groenten! Je hebt je smaken flink uitgebreid!

    • Hihi, ja, dat klopt. En in Japan heb ik nog geen aardappel gezien (of niet herkend misschien).

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