Nara revisited

Today I went to Nara, the old Japanese capital. I was there last year already, but because of something stupid I did on my computer afterwards, I had lost all pictures of Nara (except the ones I had already posted on this blog). So I had to go back and make some pics again.
This year is the 1300th (!) celebration of the foundation of Nara as capital of Japan, but the official festivities start in May. Which is lucky for Nara, because there’s building going on everywhere and I doubt if they get it finished in time. Several temples and other buildings are complely covered and still under renovation.
Here are just a few pictures ( I think I made about 80 in total, that hall is impressive!):

Before you enter any temple, make sure you wash your hands and mouth!

Artistic Ad

Non-cooperative deer.... Bleh yourself!

Sakura (cherryblossom) again

..and this is only the entry-gate!

A little sakura-style preview of the Great Buddah Hall (Tōdai-ji)

the Great Hall: just look how tiny the people are!

.. et moi

The giant Buddha-statue... some 28 m high

Test your luck and see if you fit through (without any help)

And a last one, because I cannot get enough of it:


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