Rising Sun? What Rising Sun?

The Land of the Rising Sun has changed into the Land of the Weeping Clouds for today, because it has been raining all day since yesterday-evening. So no adventurous mountain-hiking, temple-hopping or garden-viewing today. Instead I decided for the one remaining sensible thing to do on a rainy monday like today, where all musea are closed (leaving out a few other possibilities that require a large fire, a bottle of single-malt whiskey and / or a pretty lady) and went…..shopping!

Shopping? SHOPPING?!? Yes, it’s still me, Ad, the world’s greatest shopping-fan (doh)! See: I can do weird things! Like going shopping….

Since I haven’t visited Kobe yet, I decided to go there and check out if the Japanese shopping-malls are much different from the European ones. I took (once again) Wikitravel’s advice and went to Sannomiya (in Kobe).
And indeed: shopping-malls are all the same… globalization = bleh! Louis Vuitton, Zara, et al were all there, but luckily there were some Japanese shops too.

And Junkudo, a big bookstore, where I spent several hours searching for books, to learn Japanese more. I was thinking of childrens’ books with lots of pictures or so, but I found a two-volume Kanji-course in English. Couldn’t be better! It’s a bit premature yet, because I don’t even have my Katakana complete, but since these books are not on sale in Berlin (and when, then only in German), it’s good to have them already.

500 Kanji's to learn... oh-oh!

But I got myself two other books as well. I know already I’m going to love the second one “I am a cat” by Soseki Natsume.

I’ll start right after finishing Remco Campert…. 😉

Het leven is vurrukkulluk

Sorry, but today no pictures of exciting temples or even of my lunch: it was too crowded in the lunchbar and I would have felt a bit too much tourist if I had made a picture there. It was soba-noodles anyway: you’ve seen that already! LOL

Cya tomorrow!! Museum-tour, I think. The weather doesn’t look too promising…sniff