One of those days…

Today was one of those days you wish it had gone somewhat different 😦

First I found out that the exhibition in the Hosomi-museum, that I wanted to visit, has ended on last sunday and not next weekend (as I had it in my head). Poor planning from my side, bummer…

So I went to the Kyoto National Museum to visit the collection and any eventual special exhibition. Bummer again:

Due to the construction of a new Collections Hall, the curret hall closes.
New Collections Hall will open after 2013.

But the special exhibition was quite nice: “HASEGAWA TOHAKU: 400th Memorial Retrospective“. A lot of paintings and drawings of the 16th-century artist (whom I – truth be told – never had heard of before).

The waiting in the entry-queue was about as long as the queue inside, so after 2 hours I was through both queues and out of the museum again.

Then was finally Oshita’s chopstick-shop on the plan. Hui, expensive stuff! But, as Sir Winston Churchill is supposed to have said one time:

Bollocks to it!

and I bought my own, personal Hashi. I name them: “Ohashi no Ad” 😀 Here they are:

Wrapped up... and yes, there are many shiny-shinies on it 😛

... tadaaaaah!

As you can see they’re quite long and round. Long, because they are supposed to fit right in your hands, and compared to the average hand-size of the average Japanese, I’ve got a pair of shovels. So big Hashi. And round because..ehm, well, Japanese chopsticks are round. Contrary to the Chinese, if I’m correct. I tested them with todays udon-noodles and rice-with-smoked-eel. The noodles were very slippery, and with round hashi that is quite difficult. So I’ll need to practice and practice. But the fish and rice and all the rest (little snacks on the side) it was perfect! Not sure if I could eat peas with them though, but I’ve never seen peas here in Japan anyway. Pfui!

So in fact it was quite a nice and OK day today, if it wasn’t for that new 8 GB memorycard I have bought yesterday in Kobe. I made three pictures and looked at them to check if they’re OK and they looked like this:

That tree was defenitely NOT striped!!

Aargh! Crooks! Betrueger! Dieven! But when I came back home and checked and pulled the card out and in and out and in and said nice words to it and made a new picture, it seems to be OK now. “Made in Taiwan”….. Ellen, hit them for me please!.


2 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. hey Ad,

    na wie läufts in Japan?
    Sehen ja ganz toll aus deine Fotos!
    Wir halten dir hier bei eBay solange den Platz frei bis du wieder kommst.
    Du kommst doch wieder, oder?



    • Hey Daniel!

      Danke! Es sieht auch toll aus mit den Cherryblossoms. Aber der Saison ist jetzt leider vorbei und so ohneBlumen sehen die Baeume ein bisschen traurig aus.
      Zurueckkommen? Na, das muss ich mich noch mal ueberlegen…. Auf jeden Fall bin ich am Montag da, damit ich all meine Sachen endlich an David uebertragen kann. Und dann a.s.a.p. Freistellung 😛

      Bis dann! Ad

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