After nearly two weeks I found out that I haven’t visited one of the Kyoto World Heritage Sites, namely the Daigo-ji Temple-complex in the south-east of Kyoto. Actually, when I look at that list of World Heritage Sites in and around Kyoto, there are several more, that I haven’t visited yet. But maybe the next time – like in autumn.

Daigo-ji: Kondo-hall

The Daigo-ji is a realy beautiful complex of large and small temples and shrines. According to the brochure I got, there are two sites: one is at the bottom of the hill (Shimo-Daigo) and the other is on the top (Kami-Daigo) and can be reached after an hour of climbing. This time I did do my homework, because the website says: “Entry to Kami-Daigo Area is prohibited because of disaster restoration construction”. So, that saves me from two hours climbing for nothing 😀
But Shimo-Daigo is beautiful enough on it’s own, even though the cherryblossoms are almost completely gone.

Daigo-ji: the Fududo Hall

Goju-no-to, the five-storey pagoda

Maybe no cherryblossoms, but still pretty!

..and a little jewel for the last:

Bentendo Hall