Osaka: Japan Mint

Yesterday I broke the bloggers-rule and did not write a new post – sorry! But the weather wasn’t cooperating and it was a rainy day again. I wanted to visit Osaka: every year the Japan Mint (where those pretty ¥en come from) organizes a cherryblossom-viewing “festival” along the river. In that park there are hundeds of cherrytrees of all different sorts, so the blossoms are varied. Sadly is the blossomseason really over, because the trees were dropping the blossoms:

It still was funny to see how silly some Japanese people can be sometimes.

There were literally thousands of people coming in from the station, across the bridge. But now it was raining, many of them (1) got out of the station, (2) got onto the bridge, (3) made a few pictures there, (4) crossed the bridge, (5) crossed the street and (6) went back across the street to the station!! Maybe I am crazy, but that is sooo silly, just because of a little rain 😛

Osaka's riverside