Berlin S-Bahn takes over the world

The BBC-site reports:

BBC correspondents have been tweeting about their personal experiences of the travel disruption. Lyse Doucet has had to travel by train from Kabul to London.

She tweets: “In Cologne. Standing room only on trains in Europe travel chaos. People ordered off trains. Too full to move! Stay calm urges one passenger!”

I bet that is the next step on the plan from the Berlin S-Bahn to take over the world. First the Berlin city-trains (S-Bahn) are cancelled for over 14 months now and the few ones that work, are over-overcrowded. And now the S-Bahn organizes a vulcano-eruption in order to get everybody on the (again over-overfilled) trains. Darn, I was too late to buy stock-options…. again…