Uneventful tuesday a.k.a. der Hellschreiber

Today’s adventure consisted of trying to send an international fax from Kyoto to Germany. Umpf, that wasn’t easy.

First tip was to try at Lawson Convenience store, but no, no fax.

OK, across the street is your opponent: the Seven-Eleven. “Hai, fax-machine desu!” but only national faxing. “Try the NTT, please! Just around the corner!”

So NTT it is. Sounds logical: if anyone, then the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone should have a fax-machine available…. not?
“Please try convenience-store. There: Lawson!”. Doh!

So I walked down one of the mainstreets, in the general direction of the Kyoto Central Station, thinking “there should be something there near the station” and “but that’s at least 30 min walking!” and then I passed a big hotel with a lot of gold shining from indoors and huge cars in the garage incl. several butlers with high hats. “Ah, an international hotel! Surely they have a fax-machine AND speak English!”. It was the Kyoto Monterey Hotel and I put on my brave-n-bluff-shoes and stepped inside.

The pretty lady at the receptiondesk: “Hai, we have fax-machine. Hai, international fax. Please Sir, what is your roomnumber. Then I will send it immediately!”. Oops. “Sumimasen, I don’t sleep here. But this fax is very very important and must be sent to Germany as soon as possible. I’ll pay, of course!” Hopla, there: I found the magic word. So, the sub-sub-minor-help-manager was fetched and she dissappeared into the office and sent my fax. Took only half an hour, probably some vulcano-dust has affected the telephonelines too. Or somewhere along the line was a lazy midget, typing very slowly. Anyway, she returned with the fax-confirmation (yes: in Japanese, but it had “OK” on it).

Mission accomplished!

Finally, I could go do what I had planned for: the Sake-brewery!! It wasn’t very big and there were no tours around the factory, only the museum. And at the end there were 3 free (small) drinks of each about 5 ml: a sweet sake (a.k.a. sweetener added), a dry one and a plum-wine. To be honest none of them tasted very good, but I don’t assume they give away their best sake for free to anyone. Sake just isn’t my thing, I guess. The beerbrewery I had planned for was unfindable and for sure not there, where my map had sent me. Having had enough of walking around an industry-zone in the rain, I returned home and had a hot coffee & sweets to get my sugarlevel and mood and temperature a bit up. I could have used that one free can of sake for that same goal, but I’m afraid I’d have fallen asleep rightaway after that.

Is that really sake in there? 180 ml?!? Or did they give me a free mini-beer?

And there was this sofa-issue to be resolved today…

About two-and-a-half months ago I ordered a sofa and “Yes, it will be delivered far before april” and “Surely, we will hold the delivery until after you return”. OK, I admit: they held it until today. Did they plan that vulcano? I bet they did…. Anyway, when I woke up this morning, there was a message on my phone “your sofa will be delivered on tuesdayafternoon. Call us for any questions. blablabla”. Not sure what a call from my mobile to Germany will cost, but anyway… “You called for my sofa…blabla…yes, but small problem. I’m stuck in Japan for at least a week” …silence…. and laughter broke out in Germany. “OK, how about begin May?” Pfui, I got out of that one!

Now let’s just hope that I’ll be back by then! 😛


2 thoughts on “Uneventful tuesday a.k.a. der Hellschreiber

  1. The fax-machine went “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrring” several times at about four in the mourning. I had to run there, lift the receiver and press the “start” button to make it go.

    thanks Ad, that was fun *hrmpf*. will cost you a double can of sake.

    • Sorry! I assumed a faxmachine would be in some remote corner … We’ll get you an automatic one next christmas 😉
      Sake, leider keine dabei, aber tut ein Essen bei Sasaya (ささや) es auch? Ob die Sake haben, weiß ich nicht, dafür aber gutes Essen!

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