Going home

Going home…

Got up at 6 am and after a great coffee I made it just in time for the 6:45 Haruka Express to Kansai Airport. Let’s hope my luck holds until Berlin.

Just checked-in, boarding at 10:20 (Japan time). While we were lined up in the queue to check-in, Finnair made us sign a document stating the contract is changed and they are only supposed to fly us to Helsinki and that they cannot be helt accountable for any extra costs. Bloody crooks! But I added my text to the document, stating that I only “sign under protest, since such a contract change is illegal and not in accordance with current EU-legislation”. And I took a copy for myself just in case…. I think any lawyer may love this. But maybe my connecting flight takes place after all, let’s see…

Although we took off with only 1 hr delay, the captain announced we’ll arrive some 2 hrs after schedule. And since we must pick up our luggage, go through customs and check in anew for any connecting flight, I will defenitely miss the connecting flight: only 30 min between. So now I have no clue what will happen next. We’ll all be in the queue at the Finnair-desk for sure. And just maybe I’m not stuck for too long in Hell-sinki!

We’re flying over Siberia (have been for the past 5 hrs or so) and the mountains and rivers below are covered in snow. But from above it does look beautiful; I’m sure there’s not a single soul around for hundreds of miles here…. And I have “Qoyaanisquatsi” in my head…


23:00 = 17:00
Landed safely and got my luggage. Connecting flight cancelled, no more flight today. Am now in the check-in-line to see when I continue and if I sleep at the airport or in a hotel.

18:30 (Helsinki time, my body says 00:30)
At the check-in it was a mess, but after a bit rudeness from my side they did not send me into queue nr 3, but instead they used the phone. Doh, 1:0 for moi! My plane to Berlin leaves tomorrowmorning at 09:40, but I don’t have to sleep at the airport. They arranged a hotel for all of us (several planes ful of ppl from FinnAir-flights) and there is a free bus, diner and beakfast for free and free internet (but on tv with a wacky keyboard, so sorry for all typos).
So everybody stop worrying: I’m OK and already safely in Europe, tomorrow safely in Berlin I hope. Now: shower –> dinner -> bed.
I’ll update tomorrow again!