My luxury-comparison: Palm Prē vs Palm Prē Plus

Last week I received my new mobile phone. As I wrote earlier I have chosen a Palm Prē. The simple reason is: I wanted something modern, big touchscreen, internet, lots of useful apps on the market, a real keyboard and a little techie-feeling. And I like the design and style Palm uses on their website 😉 . Oh, yeah, I already hear you guys shouting: “iPhone! iPhone!”, not in the least because according to some mysterious scientific research, published ridiculously close around April 1st, an iPhone gives you chicks for free and a full bed eight days a week. Well, if you re-read my wishlist, you’ll notice the item “chicks for free” is not on it. Not that I mind, though, but somehow a woman, who likes my iPhone more than she likes me, does not rank very high on my wishlist… let her get her own iPhone and stay out of my way 😉

So, back to my Palm Prē… I played with it for two days and decided immediately to replace it with the next-generation Palm Prē Plus. I like the Palm, but the Plus supposedly has more storage and more RAM, which should make it faster and even more capable doing anything. Yesterday I received the new Palm Prē Plus, so at the moment I have both gadgets, which is great to compare them personally. Of course I am not the first person in the world doing this and I’m not the world’s expert, just a normal user.

Here they are together: the Palm Prē Plus on the left, the Palm Prē on the right.

Left: Palm Prē Plus - Right: Palm Prē

First thing to notice is the big button on the Prē, which was removed on the Plus. The button brings you directly to the desktop, so you can open another application. On the Plus, this is achieved by just swiping your finger (right-to-left) over the same area, so the button is not really necessary. In some apps though, swiping brings you to the previous screen in that app. That means, you’ll have to swipe your way back to the first screen of the app and only then you get the desktop again. Not so very nice, but maybe there’s another way I haven’t found yet.

Secondly the keys don’t have the orange icons anymore. That makes it a bit less eye-catching, but one gets used to that very easily: the keyboard-layout is exactly the same, so you’ll learn to find the right keys soon enough. It’s great that there is a real keyboard and not that silly iPod-keyboard.

One thing on the phone nobody likes is the mini-USB-port: there’s a cover over it, which is extremely difficult hard to open. Untill you gugl for the problem “palm pre how to open the usb-cover” and find the solution on Best way is to slide open the phone, flip it over and you can (relatively) easyly open the cover (if you haven’t already broken your nail trying to open the cover without sliding the phone open).

I suspect it’s marketing-strategy to make me buy a touchstone (which I just might)…. or break-off the cover 😐

But (one of the) best thing about the Prē will make all iPhone-owners eat their heart out: my Prē can MULTI-TASK! And how!!
BTW do those women know that an iPhone cannot multi-task? Probably the owners neither…which makes the lying in bed with an iPhone-owner probably a bit boring, ‘coz the owner might be playing with his phone instead of with her LOL.

I haven’t tested myself, but there’s a real impressing test here:

A simple summarization:

  1. Palm Prē: 13 tasks simultaneously
  2. Palm Prē Plus: 50 tasks simultaneously (oh, where is that <blinkey>-tag!)

Oh, I almost forgot:

  1. iPhone: 1 task simultaneously
  2. iPod: 1 task simultaneously
  3. iPad: 1 task simultaneously

😀 Eat your heart out, Steve!!


2 thoughts on “My luxury-comparison: Palm Prē vs Palm Prē Plus

  1. Heb je gezien dat Google op jouw blog een advertentie van ……. de VVD heeft geplaatst?? jouw favoriet?? Grappig!

    • Nee, he? Getver. Maar daar heb ik geen enkele macht over, sterker nog: ik zie ze niet eens, wanneer ik ingelogd ben. Misschien moet ik toch maar een betaal-abo nemen, dan ben ik die reclame kwijt.

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