Criminalization of the Dutch tradition ‘kraken’ (house occupying)

Today the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer) approved a law, which has already been approved by the Dutch parliament last year. This new law makes the occupying of an empty house, office, building or even a boat illegal and a crime, punishable with a maximum sentence of up to 3 years! Absolute humbug!
Just one of the examples of what happens in the Netherlands with the support of the PVV: the law was only able to get approved in the Dutch Parliament last year with the support of the PVV, when the maximum penalty was increased from 4 months to 1 year. Thank you very much, CDA, CU and VVD!
And when that was done, the law-proposal landed in the Senate, where it was approved today by the center & right parties CDA, VVD, SGP and CU.

Let me make myself clear: I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE in any way. But the Dutch ‘Krakersbeweging’ has always been relatively peaceful (with a few exceptions, of course). In the past 10 – 15 years there has grown some cooperation between the ‘krakersbeweging’, the police and the local governments in which the krakers informed the police voluntarily on their action and the police and local government condoned the action, if certain conditions were met. No violence, no damage to buildings, etc.

The krakersbeweging has always been a good method against companies or private persons, who found it necessary to let their houses or offices stay empty and unused, cash in the tax-reduction and – in some cases – even cash in subsidies, where on the other hand in most cities there has always been a huge shortage of appartments for students and first-renters. Many krakers have improved the neighbourhoods, where they occupied a house, by just being there and letting no room for drug-use or dealing and by organizing events in the direct neighbourhood, involving the other people living there.

I’m not sure if I will stay in Berlin for the rest of my life, but I am absolute sure that I do not wish to live in such a Netherlands! Sayonara!
I hope my vote for the upcoming elections is a help in the good direction…


One thought on “Criminalization of the Dutch tradition ‘kraken’ (house occupying)

  1. Maar dat is toch hartstikke kromme logica achter die wet.
    Enerzijds verklaart de staat het kraken tot een misdrijf en geeft daarme de opdracht aan justitie om het te vervolgen.
    En aan de andere kant mag (mag!) elke gemeente zelf iets tegen de leegstand verzinnen. Nog afgezien van het vlekkentapijt dat er dan ontstaat: waar moeten de gemeenten het geld en de mensen vandaan halen om het te handhaven? En als kraken illegaal is, hebben krakersorganisaties ook geen zin / bestaansrecht meer: wanneer je fietsen tot misdrijf bestempelt, heeft een fietsersbond geen zin meer.

    De hele opzet van het ‘illegaal verklaren’ is in mijn ogen fout, dat lost nooit een probleem op. Bovendien staat een maximum gevangenisstraf van 1 jaar in geen enkele verhouding tot de maximale boete voor de eigenaar van 7.500 / 18.500 €. Dat bedrag is een lachertje voor investeerders, terwijl een kraker een strafblad krijgt.

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