From Japan: Chindon’ya (チンドン屋 or しんどんや)

Today I was surfing around and visited one of my favourite Japan-blogs by Gakuranman. He held a contest about weird things about Japan last July and published the results a few weeks later. Funny to see I recognize a few of them! But my favourit one is the clip posted by Billy about the “Edo music jam”. Billy’s blog-article is here, but I really want to show his clip directly (it’s on u-tube anyway 😉 )

They’re not just a group of people making music, no: they’re chindon’ya. I’ve seen them a few times too, mostly in the big cities like Tokyo or Osaka. They’re usually advertising for shop-openings, but sadly mostly luring you into their patchinko-parlour).

But there appear to be loads of fun-ones too:

How’s that about learning stuff from other cultures on a simple saturday? 😉

Oh, and weird-things-from-Japan you can find tonwise on flutterscape. My personal favourites are the Nose Pencil Sharpener and the Parody Foot Surprising Leg (although that one might get you in real trouble when you use it in public here in Germany).


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