Enter the Void (Gaspar Noé – 2009)

I nearly got a shock-of-surprise: “Enter the Void – NOW available on Amazon” !!!

It’s only a pre-order ad: “This title will be released on April 4, 2011“. So I guess I’ll have to be patient for another 6 months. 😦 sob, sob

On IMDb the movie got only 7.4/10. And in Japan the reception wasn’t too great, but that’s understandable: the film does give a negative impression and drugs / crime just isn’t very well appreciated in Asia:

Upon the Japanese release, the critic writing for The Japan Times reflected: “If Lost in Translation is the film you’d make when all you know about Japan are the pampered press junkets at Shinjuku 5-star hotels, then Enter the Void is what you would make if you never got beyond the Roppongi pub-crawl.” While the review was largely negative, the author was still impressed by the visual depiction of the Japanese capital: “Visually, much of the film is stunning … and the art design by Marc Caro (Delicatessen) takes Tokyo’s love of neon gaudiness to a surreal extreme”.

He is right of course, but I love the movie – probably because I recognize some things and because I miss being there! And I’ll get the DVD as soon as it’s in the shops

* * Update * *

Hopla: on letempsdetruittout it is mentioned that the release in France is earlier:

French release : 01/12/2010, according Amazon.fr) in two versions:
– Theater version (157 mn)
– Alternative version (174 mn)