Sun: here I come!

Last week my boss told me I should use up my remaining holidays from 2010 before the end of march ’11. So I’m going away again! Finally! This time not so far away though (maybe later this year), it’s more time for my yearly sun-tanking-spring-holiday. Goal this time is:


So keep your thumbs up for the sun in Portugal the next couple of weeks (no, I’m not going that long)!

My ToDo’s in Lisbon:

  1. Chill out and tank lots and lots of sun (= endorphines), pratos do dia, bacalhau.
  2. Chillin'...


  3. Get myself stuffed-up in the tram (just to make sure I won’t be missing Berlin too much):
  4. Full tram

    Full tram

  5. Finally find out why Vasco da Gama has an electrically heated coffin (or maybe he has a reading lamp inside?).
  6. Vasco da Gama's grave ... including electric heating?

    Vasco da Gama's grave ... including electric heating?


5 thoughts on “Sun: here I come!

    • Oh jee, die had ik al heel lang niet meer gezien….en vergeten dat zoiets ooit heeft bestaan. Ook op ‘n trip down memorylane?? Blijft wel leuk!

  1. Carnawat? Als het weer ‘n beetje meezit, vier ik carnadings in Baixo Alto binnenkort 😛

  2. Ah! wonderful! I hope you have a great time getting out of Siberia.. erm.. Berlin and into some warmer temperatures. I’ll look forward to the blogs and the photos.

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