Fantasy Film Nights coming up!!

Yep, one of the conditions why I moved to Stutti was that I only wanted to be in a city, where I have access to the yearly Fantasy Film Fest! Just call me nuts.
And now the yearly Fantasy Filmfest Nights are coming up. It’s a weekend as a kind of warming-up for the real festival in August.

Now, sadly, everybody whom I tell about the FFF think I’m a violence-loving freak, because «..the FFF shows all kinds of zombies, violence, horror, splatter and the kind…».

Well, sometimes it does: that part is the “Midnight Madness”-part of the program. As the name says, it runs around midnight, so no danger for the weaker of souls, who could get mixed up and be unpleasantly surprised by the blood on the screen.
But the best part (well, it does depend on my mood) of the program are the films, that usually just don’t make it to the theaters because there’s no money to earn: sometimes just funny where you can’t stop laughing your head off (like Survive Style 5+), sometimes just plain strange as in “how does one come up with it?!” as in Symbol (Shinboru). And some are plain old beautiful movies, that deserve to be seen by everybody. A perfect example of this category is Perfect Sense (synopsis in german), a BBC-production (!) and thus it defenitely should make it to the cinemas and/or tv!
It has made it to my DVD-collection anyway.
A beautiful example of that last category is the movie “Love” – non-violent (well, almost) and just beautiful… It’s one of the films I’m really looking forward to!!!

A soldier, caught under the dark cloud of the Civil War, is given the opportunity to head West and witness an extraordinary discovery made by another Regiment. More than a century later, a lone Astronaut aboard the International Space Station becomes stranded in orbit when he loses all contact with Earth.

Connection is what defines us as human beings, and it is through connections that we prove our existence. This simple concept is a small part of a much larger discovery made by both men.


9 thoughts on “Fantasy Film Nights coming up!!

  1. Perfect Sense wordt as we speak ook aan mijn films toegevoegd, lijkt me idd erg mooi! Nog meer tips, niet-sciencefiction/ruimtevaart? Veel plezier alvast bij de Fantasy Filmfest Nights.

    • Hmm, ik probeer me te beperken….moeilijk 😉

      • Op de (treurige) waarheid gebaseerd: Waltz with Bashir. Gegarandeerd janken. Elf punten op een schaal van 1 tot 10.
      • Noorse lol: Norwegian ninja
      • Korte film (op U-tube): He dies at the end. gegarandeerd schrikken in de laatste seconde, maar toch erg grappig!
      • Toch maar een Japanse griezelfilm: DARK WATER (geen bloed, geen geweld, alleen suspense a la Psycho)

      Of stöbern in het hele FFF-archief

  2. Vorige week hoorde ik in DWDD dat het geen film MET Koot & Bie wordt, maar een film geproduceerd door K&B. Maar wie weet, misschien toch nog leuk.

  3. I loved the fff in Berlin. it was great to see all the indi films. some were horrible and some you just wonder what the makrs were on when they thought of it. the best is always when you discover that one film that is so great that you wonder how it got passed over… i hope you have a great time and am looking forward to the reviews. -Rose

    • Thankx, Rose! I’m not sure if I’ll see all films in march, but I surely will go and see «Love». I’ll let you know what I see and how good / poor it was 😉
      Cya, Rose!

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