Hakone all-around-trip

Yesterday I did the Hakone trip: afte a rather long trip by local train from Ueno to Odawara I got myself a daypass, which gave me access to all modes of travel offered by the Hakone Transpor Company. Hakone itself is quite uninteresting, but the major part in the wole fun of it all is just the trip on it’s own: you travel by local train, cable-car, ropeway, boat and bus through the whole area:

The scenic Hakone-Tozan Line mountain railway from Odawara to Gora via Hakone-Yumoto
The Hakone-Tozan Cablecar up the mountainside from Gora to Sounzan
The Hakone Ropeway from Sounzan down to Togendai on Lake Ashinoko via the boiling sulphur pits of Owakudani
The Hakone Sightseeing Ships, decked out like Disneyland versions of pirate ships, sailing across the lake from Togendai to Moto-Hakone and Hakone-machi
And positively dull in comparison, the Odakyu Bus back to Hakone-Yumoto or Odawara

(copied from Wikitravel)

My impressions in short:
– Selling those eggs per 5 for 500¥ is a guaranteed income for you and your childrenschildrenschildrenschildren. They (the eggs) look frightening, but taste like normal boiled eggs. I’m not sure if eating all of them in a row is healthy, though. The sulpher does smell as it should: rotten eggs.
– I think I got myself some nice views of Fuji-san 🙂

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