The Daibutsu Buddha


Today I was in the old capital Kamakura, where the shogunates resided. So there are loads of temples again, but after a couple of days I get a bit tired of watching even more temples. Especially when it goes together with thousands of tourists, as it is the case in Kamakura. Yes, I know, I am a tourist too, but I still want a bit of quiet and peace around me.

So, I went for the Kamakura Daibutsu hiking trail. That is a trail along the city’s outskirts, over the hills and through the woods. But quite well indicated with signs and so. Doing such a trail on my Bugatti shoes wasn’t the best idea, but I survived. So did my shoes, although they could use a brush now. During the tour a man of around 70 passed me (yes, I was slow on my Bugatti’s), and we started a chat. He lives in the neighbourhood and he walks the trail whenever he can to keep a bit in shape and as revalidation. He was very friendly and even took me with him and told me a lot about the surroundings. He showed me another holy place, about halfway. At that place is a well and the legend says that, when you wash (not launder, he told me) your money in it, it will be returned to you x-fold after you spend it. So I washed a 500¥-coin (didn’t want to appear greedy and wash my creditcard) and spent it later during the day. Then we went back uphill and went each our own way again, but not after I thanked him for being so kind to guide me. Such occasions really make my holiday the best! And I went further along the path, but there are no pictures, because I needed my hands to hold on tight to the roots and branches: it had rained the evening before, the man had told me, and it really was slippery at some places. But I made it: about 3,5 km in some 2 hours 🙂 At the end I was soon at the Great Daibutsu: a huge Buddha-statue, where all people help each other to get a picture of themselves with the Buddha. Great way to get in touch with the people and loads of fun!


Oh, and before I forget it: Buddha has two windows in his back and a stair along his spine (yes, inside his body)!

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  1. en, is er al sprake geweest van een wonderbaarlijke vermenigvuldiging?

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