Energy from plain air

(c) Air Fuel Synthesis, 2012

Yes, you read it correct: energy from plain air! And nothing but air! It IS possible (as I’ve always expected). There is an english company, who have actually built a working demo-unit, using nothing but existing equipment “off the shelf”: Air Fuel Synthesis.

They have a beautiful idea: use wind- and solar energy to produre hydrogen (which I have always wanted anyways), take carbondioxide from the air and (using more solar energy) synthesize them into hydrocarbons like methanol (or any other hydrocarbon). Tadaa: 5-10 litre of methanol per day in the demo-unit!! Truth be said: the demo-unit uses ‘normal’ electricity, but that’s just a question of plugging it into the right socket….

(c) Air fuel synthesis, 2012

If I had a million, I would invest it in that company IMMEDIATELY!

Instead of

  • pumping up the last remainders of crude oil or
  • laying huge cables from the Sahara-area to Europe or
  • disturbing the environment by shale gas winning

just use the solar energy at situ (that is: there, where there’s plenty of it – in the desert) –> produce hydrogen and filter carbon-dioxide from the air –> make methanol –> and VOILÁ!

Actually, it would be even better to not filter the CO2 out of the air: several European power giants are experimenting with filtering their CO2 from the exhaust gasses and store them. Just don’t store it, but bring it to the Air-Fuel-Synthesis-plant (AFS). Of course they should evaluate which scenario is the best: shipping H2 from A to B or CO2 from B to A (and more of those questions).

Hey dear AFS-folks: I’d give a few pennies to start working for you!! Employ me!! Please?! Just look into my LinkedIn-profile and my personal website to see how good I am 😉

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