Obviously, when you are visiting NYC a second time and still haven’t seen the Guggenheim, you just must go there. Last year we were there some 30 min before closing time,  and then it just doesn’t make sense to spend $22. So the Guggi’s was high on my ToDo list of things for 2014.
Being an experienced NY-visitor now (ahem), I refused to proceed to the end of the you’ll-be-waiting-another-two-hour-line and instead took a seat on the opposite side of the street with a delicious hotdog in my hand and had a good time watching the tourists. When the line was significantly shorter and my hotdog was ex, I lined up and paid the 22 USD.
Current exhibition is the Italian Futurism. I admit immediately that I’ve never heard of it and haven’t got a clue what it is / was. Purely for the art, the pieces were interesting,  but when I read that those Italian futurists supported both Italy going into WWI and made the most famous designs in support of Benito M, I regretted having paid for that.

To be honest, the ratio “Guggi : Exhibition” is not how I prefer it to be. Too much “Ooh, what a nice design building” and the shown exhibition lags behind. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it was this exhibition,  but I was disappointed. I’d wait for a different exhibition.

No pictures of course -strictly prohibited.