If Socrates knew… Smorgasburg

The current edition of the New Yorker wrote about the Socrates Sculpture Park in LIC (Long Island City), which I read while eating my Heartland steak yesterday evening. So I decided to start today’s tour there.

Located directly at the East River,  opposite of Long Island,  you have a great view of Manahatta.
There is a huge sculpture of a lying Buddha,  made of mostly trash. Looks great. And inside are two rows of airplane seats . Weird enough for me to like it!



From there I took a long walk roughly along East River to Williamsburg, to check out the Smorgasburg. What’s that?

A collection of eateries from all around the world,  which happens to be a favourite of mine. Good I was hungry anyway but a shame that all queues were 20 mins or longer.

I don’t know why there are so many breweries in Williamsburg,  but the queue to get in the Brooklyn brewery made me decide to go somewhere else for a beer. Local breweries are things I love,  but just they’re like musea: one per day is enough for me and my health.


Another proof that Williamsburger are weirdly strange: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wiju0m0synfygu/20140524_115149.mp4