Westside Ticket Tango

Sadly, I didn’t stay to watch the whole show,  but I didn’t want to be too mean. I had read about what I will call from now on the “Westside Ticket Tango”, but could hardly believe it was real.
But it is!

Location: Westside,  91st- 96th St. (at least that is where I saw it).
Time: every weekday.


Every day, one side of the street is cleaned and you must remove your car until the cleaners are finished or pay the fine and get it back from the cities’ parking lot. Since the parking places are rare in the area,  a lot of people decide to get in their car, move it to the other side of the street,  stay in the car (important!), and wait until the cleaning train has passed.


First car in this train is the NYPD, followed by a towing truck.
Afterwards, the circus to reclaim your previously owned parking spot starts! All cars move as one to the cleaned side and there wouldn’t be a problem if there were no additional cars coming in.
I would have loved to have seen that, but waiting 45 minutes was something I wasn’t prepared to do. Too “albern” as they say in Germany.
Still – people can be weird.