Brighton rocks

After a stroll around the Cypress Hills in Queens (a huge cemetery; nothing to do with the band Cypress Hill -they were from L.A. afaik), there’s no better way to spend the last day but at the beach. Yesterday on Memorial Day it must have been crowded with the temperature around 30°C, but today is a normal working day,  so it’s quiet and relaxed. Also some 10° cooler. So take a book,  get yourself a cheeseburger,  freedom fries and a Dr. Pepper and go sit at the beach!

Oh, but there is only one oh, oh, ooooh thing to complete the last day and make it even more perfect:


Get a sandwich Sandwich at Katz’s Deli! You know: where Harry met “oh, oh, oooh, aaaaah” Sally.
My date at Katz’s was almost made impossible because of a main water pipe rupture in front of the deli a few days ago. But the NY Services did a great job and have almost fixed the street again. And Katz made it well known that they keep their essentials not in the basement but upstairs. Pfui.


And indeed that Pastrami Sandwich was delicious! The price in cents is also the amount of calories in it: $14.95. But yummie! When I left I noticed that there is a sign above the table behind me: “This is where Harry met Sally”. So I was at the table of the girl who said: “I’ll have what she’s having!”.

On your way to Katz’s you’ll cross East Village, NY’s hippest area. Lots of pubs and restaurants and artists. In my opinion it’s a bit too much like Berlin’s Friedrichshain: too much “kaputtes”, which many people consider as hip, but after a few years it gets on your nerves. For an evening out it’s great though.


2 thoughts on “Brighton rocks

  1. Super dat je daar bent geweest, stond vorig jaar ook al op ons lijstje maar we zijn er gewoon niet aan toe gekomen!

    • Katz’s is echt een aanrader. Ongezond en unlight maar lekker! Die calorieën loop je er toch wel weer af.

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