Geocaching day #1: The Seoul Trail

What a cacher has to go through – or around

Today was geocaching day. Around the city of Seoul is a 157 km long walking Seoul Trail and a group of geocachers has laid out as many boxes as possible, in order to score as many caches as possible during one walk. Of course the 157 km is subdivided in parts – my tour was course 6: 18 km along the river. Sounds like much,  but I took my time.

Start: N 37° 26.055 E 126° 54.125
End: N 37° 31.967 E 126° 53.454

Reward: 43 caches found (and a few not) and for dinner the real bibimbap here:

After 18 km one still has to climb to get your bibimbap

And now I let my feet rest and watch the South-Korean interpretation of “Goede tijden, slechte tijden” on the tv-channel SBS: as horrible as the dutch and german, and when you don’t understand the conversations it becomes even more horrible to watch. I need a beer.