Feelin’ sporty

Weightlifter – could also be a gorilla

After yesterdays Power Walk I thought: why not clear the Seoul Sport Complex of all caches waiting for me? So said, so done. But somehow the GPS satellites ignored me today, ‘coz I wasn’t very successful. So I did the only thing that you can do: do something else. Like sitting in the park and listen to the screaming. 

Afterwards I went to the central station to switch my KTX reservation for a ticket for tomorrow’s Train to Busan. A bit weird that you can only print out a reservation and not the ticket itself but I’m in South-Korea – logic is chaos and chaos is logic in the land where a red traffic light is considered to be no more than a friendly advice. 

Korean War Memorial

Walking around the large American Army Base (and lifting a cache or two) and the Korean War Memorials, I landed in Itaewong: that’s where all those American soldiers live. There I got interviewed by a Korean guy, who was doing his best to learn English. All is on film so I might end up on YouTube. Was fun to do though.

And since it’s Saturday evening: now’s the time for K-POP! Yeah! But not really yeah… it’s just better than Helene Fischer.

They’re actually really singing “yeah yeah”