Temple day

Wonderful wood construction

Today was my first temple day visiting the Beomeosa temple complex in the mountains near Busan, South Korea. It was easy to find: follow all the folks in walking outfit from the station to the busstation, get off the bus where they do and you’re there. Free guides! The temples are beautiful, but I’ve seen already so many in Japan. Next to the complex starts the “Sea of Stones”, making a great area for wandering  – if you have the right shoes. Which I do not, so I returned after a few hundred metres. 

Sea of stones

After walking down the mountain I was hungry and went into a typical Korean restaurant, where they make their own fresh soft tofu. Yummy, but especially the tofu is hard to hold with chopsticks. Luckily they use spoons too in Korea, so nothing to be ashamed of. 

Overdoing it a bit here, guys