Jeju Island

The light fishers in Jeju City

After flying from Busan to Jeju City I checked out the area. As my luck would have, there’s a five day cultural festival (October 05 – 09) at the beach area. Although there is no beach here, just a long concrete promenade without seats. On the 6th there were many workers building the tents, electric systems, stages etc. I asked a lady from the tourist office and she confirmed my suspicions: everything was destroyed by the typhoon Chaba and they were just finishing up on rebuilding it all. Impressive what amount of work they had completed in less than 36 hours, having had to clear up all the debris first!

Looking south from Seogwipo

Next day was a bus trip to the south of the island in Seogwipo. After a long walk finding some tupperware and climbing a windy harbour bridge the bus took me north again. Thus I made a trip around the volcano Mount Hallasan for appr. 5 €. But she was shy and kept her head hidden in the mist.

Gosari Hajong Kuk

For dinner was a delicious sort of stew, called “Gosari Hajong Kuk”. The girl in the Guesthouse had recommended it to me and warned that it doesn’t look very attractive. She was right: it reminded me a bit of a swamp where the swamp gasses bubble up through the thick brown mud. But it smelled good and tasted absolutely delicious. I’m afraid I have been in Korea too long already, because I would have preferred it a bit more spicey.😀

Jeju City Cultural Festival

Closed off the evening with the Cultural Festival  (tonight was China Night), a nice chat with the other guests and the girl from the Guesthouse.