The Eagle has landed

.. or as Wim T. Schippers would say: “We zijn weer thuis!”.

Even with flightnumber 911 we arrived safely, without any skyscrapers in our way 🙂


Marie-Antoinette 2.0

The plane from Helsinki to Tegel left with only 20 min delay. And “due to the exceptional circumstances we were not provided with lunch today, so we are very sorry to be only able to serve drinks and cake”. Someone must have read his classics: “If they don’t have bread then let them eat cake instead!”.
I’ll make the sacrifice…. but only this one time!

On my way

The hotel was one of those typical business-hotels: boring with boring food. But a hot shower and the bed were good. And all paid for by Finnair.

I just checked in for my flight to Berlin and it’s looking good: although they keep changing the gate, they flight still is’t cancelled. So it looks like I’m going to go home today after all.

Going home

Going home…

Got up at 6 am and after a great coffee I made it just in time for the 6:45 Haruka Express to Kansai Airport. Let’s hope my luck holds until Berlin.

Just checked-in, boarding at 10:20 (Japan time). While we were lined up in the queue to check-in, Finnair made us sign a document stating the contract is changed and they are only supposed to fly us to Helsinki and that they cannot be helt accountable for any extra costs. Bloody crooks! But I added my text to the document, stating that I only “sign under protest, since such a contract change is illegal and not in accordance with current EU-legislation”. And I took a copy for myself just in case…. I think any lawyer may love this. But maybe my connecting flight takes place after all, let’s see…
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I just now received a call from FinnAir (15 min ago): my flight goes tomorrowmorning!

So, on thursdaymorning 11:00 (Japan Time) I leave Kansai Airport and will arrive at Helsinki at 15:10 (Helsinki Time).
From there I leave at 17:15 and will arrive in Berlin at 18:10 (both local Helsinki / Berlin time).

Darn, that’s a susprise. And I wanted to do things tomorrow!!!
So: don’t fly FinnAir, wherever you go!!

Ice, ice, baby!!

I called FinnAir earlier this afternoon but there is no new update available yet. The last info is that Finnish airspace remains closed until sunday, April 18 15:00 local time and my flight is supposed to land 15:10. It is not sure yet, but likely that this will be prolongued and that my flight is cancelled. Next available flight, with connection to Berlin is next week Sunday, April 25th at 11:00 from Osaka and arriving again at 15:10 in Helsinki. So my holiday will be one week longer! Luckily I am in the guesthouse and not at some airport and luckily I can stay here a week longer!
Because that flight is expected to be filled soon, I decided to change the flight and stay one week longer here. I do not wish to start a flight and then end up at Helsinki Airport for 5 days or at some place inbetween…like in Irkutsk with a forced stay there for several days. So: I’m staying one week longer in Kyoto!!!
(Ad whispers softly: “YIHAAA!”)

= = NL = =

Ik heb zojuist met FinnAir gebeld, maar zij hebben nog geen update van de actuele situatie.
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Iceland (II)

Latest news from FinnAir:

All airports in Finland including Helsinki Airport remain closed until Sunday, April 18, 3 pm EET. There will be no departures or arrivals of aircrafts at any airport in Finland during that time.

My flight is planned to land at 15:10 in Helsinki, so that would mean my plane is one of the first planes to land IF it takes place. I expect an update later today.
But the sun is starting to shine here in Kyoto again 😎

= = NL = =

Laatste nieuws van FinnAir:
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