Typhoon Chaba on visit

Thyphoon Chaba hits the beaches in Busan

Today is typhoon day: the typhoon “Chaba” passes by just south of Korea and here in Busan we notice it. Strong winds and heavy rain. According to all predictions it will be over mostly in the afternoon. Until then it’s a stay inside day and read a book.

Stormy weather

Around 12:00 the storm is mostly over and the rain has stopped. Since it’s still 25°C and 99% humidity everyone wants to go out and watch the sea. Well, you can see the sea here.

The Busan International Film Festival was supposed to start tomorrow on the 6th, but I’m afraid they have a few problems. Everything they’ve built up in the past two weeks has been destroyed. They’re removing the debris, but I don’tthink they are going to be ready for the opening tomorrow. So sad to see their whole work destroyed!

Remains of the BIFF village


Remains of the BIFF village (2)

Later in the afternoon the typhoon has gone and the sun is shining again. Beautiful weird clouds appear in the sky. 

Weird clouds appear – or is it an UFO?