Books for sale on Amazon

Look! For sale on Amazon


My latest buys


If you recognise these books: don’t worry, they are a childrens version (although still around 600 pages).
So within the next two or three years I should be able to finish these. With a little help from the Dutch and English versions I already posess I should be able to make it. 😉

Anyway, it’s impossible to get them in Europe at all!

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«A First-Rate Madness» – Nassir Ghaemi

Finally I bought the book “A First-Rate Madness” by Nassir Ghaemi. Looking forward to reading!

A First-Rate MadnessIn A First-Rate Madness, Nassir Ghaemi, who runs the Mood Disorders Program at Tufts Medical Center, draws from the careers and personal plights of such notable leaders as Lincoln, Churchill, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK, and others from the past two centuries to build an argument at once controversial and compelling: the very qualities that mark those with mood disorders- realism, empathy, resilience, and creativity-also make for the best leaders in times of crisis. By combining astute analysis of the historical evidence with the latest psychiatric research, Ghaemi demonstrates how these qualities have produced brilliant leadership under the toughest circumstances.
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