Typhoon Chaba on visit

Thyphoon Chaba hits the beaches in Busan

Today is typhoon day: the typhoon “Chaba” passes by just south of Korea and here in Busan we notice it. Strong winds and heavy rain. According to all predictions it will be over mostly in the afternoon. Until then it’s a stay inside day and read a book.

Stormy weather

Around 12:00 the storm is mostly over and the rain has stopped. Since it’s still 25°C and 99% humidity everyone wants to go out and watch the sea. Well, you can see the sea here.

The Busan International Film Festival was supposed to start tomorrow on the 6th, but I’m afraid they have a few problems. Everything they’ve built up in the past two weeks has been destroyed. They’re removing the debris, but I don’tthink they are going to be ready for the opening tomorrow. So sad to see their whole work destroyed!

Remains of the BIFF village


Remains of the BIFF village (2)

Later in the afternoon the typhoon has gone and the sun is shining again. Beautiful weird clouds appear in the sky. 

Weird clouds appear – or is it an UFO?


The sky’s the limit

Today I had a long hike uphill to the Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan. The cats painted on the walls and stairs have disappeared over the last years sadly, but I got a live cat on my other camera. Live is better 😀 

For the rest it were just a lot of tiny alleys full wih people with cameras. Reminded me of Thera Santorini in Greece. Oh, and I’ve discovered that Koreans are crazy about “Le petit prince” and his little fox:

Back down in the harbour another discovery: a bascule bridge. “So what?” would any dutch say. But at 13:45 an announcement was made (in Korean of course) and some traditional songs were played until 14:00. In the meantime literally a few hundred people had gathered around. The bridge opened,  lots of Ooh’s and Aaah’s and a small vessel passed and the bridge was closed again. I had expected at least  the Queen Mary II but nothing such. 

Gwangnam – just next-door – has a nice beach to spend the evening and sunset too. Especially with the bridge in full lights in the background.

Livin’ in the fast lane. 

Today was train day in the KTX to Busan. No zombies in the train, no army of zombies awaiting us in Busan. The beach season is not over: with 28°C the beach was packed on this Sunday. 

Me at the beach – a seldom occurrence

Later tonight (after sunset) whole Busan gathered at the beach – me included. Announcements were made that “Use or purchase of fireworks at the beach are prohibited”. So you may guess three times what they all did? Right, they lighted their fireworks at the beach! Nothing sensational, but a nice way to let such a fine sunday fade out. And with a beer from the 7/11 I enjoyed the show. Since firework pictures usually don’t work out well, you get the below:

Busan beach by night – before the show