Als ik een Griekse journalist was,

zou ik nu naar Nederland vliegen om te vragen:

“En jongens, gaat-ie lekker?”

[Alexander Pechtold, D66 bij “De Jakhalzen” – DWDD]

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29-09-2010: Nêerlands Kots Dag – Vluchten kan niet meer


“Onder de purperen hemel, in de bruine zon…”

Yup, it is finally official (well, as-good-as): the Netherlands got their brown-mob-approved right-wing cabinet. It took only 111 days of talks and discussions (in any bananarepublic it would have been 111 times faster) but the VVD (the dutch liberals) and the CDA (the christian-**cough** democrats **cough**) found their agreement to build a government, with the OK of Wilders’ PVV. Which makes me puke ( = ‘kots’ in Dutch).

Or, as Max Liebermann once said:

Ich kann gar nicht soviel fressen, wie ich kotzen möchte!

And that’s exactly how I feel now too!! Vluchten kan niet meer…
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Until Wednesday-morning, June 6th (Electionday):

“Pension at the age of 65 is a breaking-point for us (PVV)” – Geert Wilders

Wednesday-evening, June 6th (still: Electionday):

“Pension at the age of 65 is a breaking-point for us (PVV), changing that now, on the evening of the Election-day would be deception of the electorate” – Geert Wilders

Thursdaymorning, June 7th (the Day After):

“Pension at the age of 65 is a very important point for us (PVV)” – Geert Wilders

Wilders’ deceit is starting to come out…. headbang...

Denkend aan Holland.. (Thinking of Holland..)

..I get a bit sick – the vomiting kind.

The preliminary results of the Parliamentary Elections 2010:

  • VVD (Lib.) 31 seats
  • PvdA (Soc. Dem.) 30 seats
  • PVV (Right) 24 seats
  • CDA (Christ. Dem.) 21 seats
  • SP (Soc.) 15 seats
  • GroenLinks (Green) 10 seats
  • D66 (Dem. Lib.) 10 seats
  • ChristenUnie (Christ.) 5 seats
  • PvdD (Anim.) 2 seats
  • SGP (Christ.) 2 seats

Total number of seats is 150, so a coalition has a majority with 76 seats.

Preliminary results

Preliminary results

So, apparently the Dutch really want VVD & PVV to govern for the next 4 years. I do hope Geert Wilders is not as coward as he was, when he won the local elections earlier this year in The Hague and Almere: after his PVV won there, they announced within a few days that they won’t be in the local government but remain in the oppsition. The Danish way, that is: sit back, let the others work and shout “Yes” or “No” when you feel like it. But on the other hand it’s good to see that his PVV has lost a lot in exactly those two cities!

What now?
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The Dutch Parliamentary elections 2010

Today I finally received the envelope with all nessecary forms to vote for the upcoming Dutch Parliamentary Elections 2010. Ever since the Balkenende-IV-Cabinet (or was it III?) fell over the Dutch mission in Uruzgan, I’ve been waiting for it. Reason: I consider these elections very important, because it is one of the few opportunities I have to say ‘NO‘ to Geert Wilders and his PVV (the guy with the weird blond hair) and make a choice for a democratic and free country.
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