The big “O” – Hiroshima-style

Try watching this video without getting hungry. If you need only one reason for going to Hiroshima, then trust me: it’s the Okonomiyaki – Hiroshima style!


August 6th

Today, August the 6th, is – as you all will know – the 65th anniversary of the day when the A-bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. It’s not up to me to judge on whether it was justified to drop the A-bomb or not. I can only express how I experienced my visit to the city and especially the memorial site at Ground Zero in October last year. I had visited Nagasaki two days before, so I had been prepared a little bit. I had decided to not go to the memorial site the first day, because I have learned that I need time to prepare and to recover. That may sound rather exaggerated, but believe me: it isn’t.

Hiroshima now is a lively and very open city. Of course the people living in Hiroshima have had to get used to millions and millions of people visiting the city, but they are still very, very friendly. I admit that, while walking in the city and seeing an elderly man or woman, I was thinking “Was he here? Did she survive here? Did they experience it all?” and was on the verge of saying something really stupid like “I’m sorry”.
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Sad day

Today is a sad day, because from now on I’m travelling back to Tokyo. A few stops inbetween of course, and two ferrytrips across the Japanese inner-sea (?) to and from the island Shikoku and a traintrip across the whole island… so, there is actually a lot still coming up. 🙂

I’m in Hiroshima now, the trip was quite fast in that Shinkansen. But I must admit: it doesn’t feel different if you sit on the John at 0 km/h or at 300 km/h. Hey, may I suggest we start using that expression from now on? “S(h)itting on the John D.” … just a little revenge 😀

For lunch I treated myself to a delicious okonomiyaki around the corner of my hostel. That was the second time I had it, but you may consider me now an official Okonomiyaki-fan!

This afternoon I went to the A-bomb Memorial (you know: the one with the dome) and the park. Impressive again, I made some nice pic’s but cannot upload them here. Pls be patient! Especially the monument of the 12-year girl with the thousands of cranebirds is impressive.