125 years automobiles – Stuttgart 2011

An old Audi

An old Audi

This year Stuttgart celebrates the 125th birthday of automobiles. Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Audi especially in Stutti’s case of course. Last weekend I happened to be in Stuttgart and had two days the chance to take a look. On sunday there was the “Autokorso 2011”, where all the cars drive in a parade through the city and ended on the “Schloßplatz”.
I’ve uploaded my pics into my Flickr-account here, I’m only too lazy to name every single picture.


Haikyo [Urban ruins]

One of my favorite blogs is Gakuranman‘s Blog. Why? I’m not sure, but very likely simply because he seems to have managed taking the step into a new surrounding (from the UK to Japan is quite a different world), find a good job (on the JET Programme in Japan) and has learned the language in about 9 years (he has passed the JLPT level 1 recently).
So, yes, I am jealous 😉
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The anthrax-dealers

For some reason – yet unknown to me – I have always been fascinated and intrigued by international politics, relations between countries (who-does-what-to-whom-and-why) and, as some kind of spezialisation – the history of ABC-weapons (atomic, biological and chemical). My first account in this area was during my study (chemical-engineering), when I held a lecture about the negative sides of our (= the students’) knowledge, namely the history of chemical warfare.
I won’t repeat the whole lecture (of course our teacher had to cut me off, because I had exceeded the time-limit), but I think most of you will know the basics: the Greeks & Romans already threw infected corpses into the enemy-camps, so did the Europeans in the Middle-ages with plague-infected corpses. But the first mass-scale use of chemical warfare was during WW-I on the Belgian and French battlefields, where both German and Brittish armies started using chlorine-gas, phosphor and mustardgas (a.k.a. Yperiet, because it was used near the town of Iper for the first time). The results are well-known. I think.

I am digressing, sorry! Well, at least that proves my fascination with the ‘subject’…

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August 6th

Today, August the 6th, is – as you all will know – the 65th anniversary of the day when the A-bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. It’s not up to me to judge on whether it was justified to drop the A-bomb or not. I can only express how I experienced my visit to the city and especially the memorial site at Ground Zero in October last year. I had visited Nagasaki two days before, so I had been prepared a little bit. I had decided to not go to the memorial site the first day, because I have learned that I need time to prepare and to recover. That may sound rather exaggerated, but believe me: it isn’t.

Hiroshima now is a lively and very open city. Of course the people living in Hiroshima have had to get used to millions and millions of people visiting the city, but they are still very, very friendly. I admit that, while walking in the city and seeing an elderly man or woman, I was thinking “Was he here? Did she survive here? Did they experience it all?” and was on the verge of saying something really stupid like “I’m sorry”.
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Waltz with Bashir….

Waltz with BashirToday I treated myself to a new DVD: Waltz with Bashir by Ari Folman. It was one of the jewels on the FFF (Fantasy Film Fest) in Berlin a few years ago. And now, after seeing the film a second time, I remember the first time I saw the film in the cinema: normally during any film, there’s always some noise made in the cinema: people coughing, eating from a bag of crisps, or just whispering to each other. But during the last 5 or 10 minutes of the film there was absolute SILENCE in the cinema…. I’ve never experienced such a thing before!! Very impressive!

The film is shown as a comic (except some parts of it), and that has been done quite brilliantly. I won’t tell you the whole story or the ending of the film, of course. But let me just tell you I consider this film as a basic part of any general education, no matter what your beliefs or what politic side you’re on. Just be aware: it is not a family-movie! I cannot see the film without shedding a few tears….

How he has entangled the psychology, the fears and the most-private feelings in the film, I find that very impressive…

Marie-Antoinette 2.0

The plane from Helsinki to Tegel left with only 20 min delay. And “due to the exceptional circumstances we were not provided with lunch today, so we are very sorry to be only able to serve drinks and cake”. Someone must have read his classics: “If they don’t have bread then let them eat cake instead!”.
I’ll make the sacrifice…. but only this one time!