La vie en rose

Here’s the view from my hotel balcony:


Hmm, cannot zoom… but that’s the Eiffel tower in the background!


Non, je ne regriette rien!


BBC News – Tomari shutdown leaves Japan without nuclear power

My holiday just got a little bit safer!

« If the country can get through the steamy summer without blackouts, calls to make the nuclear shutdown permanent will get louder, our correspondent says.»

I promise I’ll leave those stupid airco’s  switched OFF. In case it gets too hot, I’ll do what people always have done: go outside.
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Sun: here I come!

Last week my boss told me I should use up my remaining holidays from 2010 before the end of march ’11. So I’m going away again! Finally! This time not so far away though (maybe later this year), it’s more time for my yearly sun-tanking-spring-holiday. Goal this time is:


So keep your thumbs up for the sun in Portugal the next couple of weeks (no, I’m not going that long)!
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