Spring ‘es in the air

Stutti: +8C…Kyoto heeft het weer eens duidelijk beter:



Travel with BBC & Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has been my favorite travel guide for the last 17 years or so: I’ve used their guides for my (real & imaginary) trips through Scotland, Ireland, Canada, New York, India, Hong Kong & Macau and Japan. Those trips I haven’t realised yet, are still high on my to-do-list.. I’m sure I’ll get those done too.
Last week I discovered that BBC-Travel has recently published quite a few up-to-date articles on Japan. Most are about the city I love most of all places on earth (as far as I know it): Kyoto.
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The 88 Temples of Omuro

Maybe you have heard of the 88 Temple Pilgimage of Shikoku. This is a 1200 km long pilgrimage around the Japanese island of Shikoku. So, even with a longer stay of one week I would’t be able to finish that on foot or on bicycle.
But luckily has the “Exploring Kyoto”-guide a wonderful alternative: the 88 Temples of Omuro. This is a miniature-pilgrimage along the 88 temples on the mountains near the Ninna-ji Temple, in the north-west of Kyoto. And since today is a beautiful sunny day, today was the best day to give it a try!

The imperial prince and the 29th abbot of Ninna-ji was a devote follower of the great teacher Kukai (774-835), posthumously known as Kobo Daishi. Kobo Daishi came from Shikoku and after his death his followers established the pilgrimage-route on Shikoku along all temples Kobo Daishi was associated with. In 1829 Sainin decided to reproduce the pilgrimage-route on the grounds of the Ninna-ji and the works were finished in 1832, only to be destroyed by an earthquake in the next year. Since the reconstruction, the route has been popular by pilgrimers, joggers and locals with their dogs.

Here’s the route I fiddled together on guggl:

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Holiday 2.0

I call this week “Holiday 2.0” for obvious reasons – it’s the second holiday in Kyoto, without having departed and returned. 🙂 The sun has finally started to shine again and the temperatures have increased. So I think I will be suffering terribly from the prolongued stay…. haha, will not!

Spring 'es in the air!

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Iceland (II)

Latest news from FinnAir:

All airports in Finland including Helsinki Airport remain closed until Sunday, April 18, 3 pm EET. There will be no departures or arrivals of aircrafts at any airport in Finland during that time.

My flight is planned to land at 15:10 in Helsinki, so that would mean my plane is one of the first planes to land IF it takes place. I expect an update later today.
But the sun is starting to shine here in Kyoto again 😎

= = NL = =

Laatste nieuws van FinnAir:
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