Contest: Where do I go next?

It’s the second half of june and I still have 18 days off credit.

So where should I go next? Sao Paolo? New York? Basel? Prague? St. Petersburg? Calcutta? Hong-Kong / Macau? Anchorage? Cape town? Kigali?
Or should I just find myself a pub for the weekend in Galway? Whalewatching in Rejkjavik?

All tips and hints are welcome! Please send me all your ideas of which parts of the world I MUST go and see!

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Creative new ways to board an airplane

Creative new ways to board an airplane –

My personal favorit proposal:

Tokyo subway-style – Get on the plane quickly or get shoved on by an oshiya.

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Travel with BBC & Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has been my favorite travel guide for the last 17 years or so: I’ve used their guides for my (real & imaginary) trips through Scotland, Ireland, Canada, New York, India, Hong Kong & Macau and Japan. Those trips I haven’t realised yet, are still high on my to-do-list.. I’m sure I’ll get those done too.
Last week I discovered that BBC-Travel has recently published quite a few up-to-date articles on Japan. Most are about the city I love most of all places on earth (as far as I know it): Kyoto.
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