Fantasy Film Nights coming up!!

Yep, one of the conditions why I moved to Stutti was that I only wanted to be in a city, where I have access to the yearly Fantasy Film Fest! Just call me nuts.
And now the yearly Fantasy Filmfest Nights are coming up. It’s a weekend as a kind of warming-up for the real festival in August.

Now, sadly, everybody whom I tell about the FFF think I’m a violence-loving freak, because «..the FFF shows all kinds of zombies, violence, horror, splatter and the kind…».
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Fantasy Film Fest 2010

Yihaa: tomorrow the yearly Fantasy Film Fest starts again here in Berlin! I got myself all tickets already and since I’m still working on an hourly basis, I can just tell my boss: “Nope, I’m busy” (or even better, as my mother told us when we were young: “Als je me gisteren gehuurd had!”) 😛
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Waltz with Bashir….

Waltz with BashirToday I treated myself to a new DVD: Waltz with Bashir by Ari Folman. It was one of the jewels on the FFF (Fantasy Film Fest) in Berlin a few years ago. And now, after seeing the film a second time, I remember the first time I saw the film in the cinema: normally during any film, there’s always some noise made in the cinema: people coughing, eating from a bag of crisps, or just whispering to each other. But during the last 5 or 10 minutes of the film there was absolute SILENCE in the cinema…. I’ve never experienced such a thing before!! Very impressive!

The film is shown as a comic (except some parts of it), and that has been done quite brilliantly. I won’t tell you the whole story or the ending of the film, of course. But let me just tell you I consider this film as a basic part of any general education, no matter what your beliefs or what politic side you’re on. Just be aware: it is not a family-movie! I cannot see the film without shedding a few tears….

How he has entangled the psychology, the fears and the most-private feelings in the film, I find that very impressive…