Bode-museum: “Faces of the Renaissance”

Today I had planned to visit the “Faces of the Renaissance”-exhibition in the Bode-museum. Just like many others I had overseen the year the exhibition is planned: 2011. The woman at the entrance told me she had sent away many people already, who were waiting at 06:00 at the museum, hoping to get a cheap ticket as ‘early bird’…well, they can try agaain in 10 months or so 😛
So I just visited the current exhib instead, which is OK, ‘coz I had my new camera with me.
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Vodou – Special exhibition in Berlin

Vodou - art and cult from Haiti
This afternoon I finally visited the exibition “Vodou – the art and cult from Haiti” in the Berlin Ethnologic Museum. Next sunday is the last day, so it might be a bit crowded that weekend.
The items displayed are collected and exhibited in Port-au-prince, Haiti, and are currently touring around the world. Part of the admission-money will go to projects for rebuilding the earthquake-damages in Haiti. And I learned several new things about the cult and culture of Vodou: very interesting! Most of the Haitians are catholic (forced upon them in the 17th or 18th century), but most of them also are followers of the Vodou-cult. The cult is a mix of the ancient beliefs of the slaves, taken from Africa (mostly around Benin and around Angola), and catholicism, just as the Haitian language is a mix of their original language, French and Portugese.

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