Tokyo trains….

In case you wonder how you can navigate in the world’s most crowded railwayline, Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, here is the Yamanote Line Sound Map. I cannot upload the map itself on my blog, so just a link. But it does bring back some fond memories!

And today’s J-Pop beauty is: “Kick it out” by Boom-Boom Sattelites:

..or is she today’s beauty???

From Japan: Chindon’ya (チンドン屋 or しんどんや)

Today I was surfing around and visited one of my favourite Japan-blogs by Gakuranman. He held a contest about weird things about Japan last July and published the results a few weeks later. Funny to see I recognize a few of them! But my favourit one is the clip posted by Billy about the “Edo music jam”. Billy’s blog-article is here, but I really want to show his clip directly (it’s on u-tube anyway 😉 )

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