My newest kitchen appliances

A while ago I had enough of my cheap Mediamarkt-ricecooker and decided it was time for a change in my kitchen.
The old cooker had costed something like € 35, but it has one disturbing disadvantage: when I cook more than 1 cup of rice or when I cook rice and vegetables together (which is supposed to be OK, according to the users’ manual), the rice gets burnt! Not the black-carbon-barbeque-kind of burning, but the rice gets brownish and (if it’s too much) the rice tastes no good anymore.
The manufacturor claims that “that’s the way most people in the far east (e.g. Thailand and China) prefer their rice: with a little brownish teint”. Well, I don’t. Neither do 99,9% of the Japanese, I guess.

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An Ad-update

Ohoh, I have sinned. Now I’m back from my holiday I haven’t been very nice to you (my loyal blog-readers and visitors), since I haven’t written daily or even every couple of days. I must admit it’s new for me to write regularly about myself or things that I do, visit or experience. But I’ll try.

First of all: you may know that I (just like 400 others) was sacked by my employer, because they want to “create a global Competence Centre in Dublin”. In reality this means: the company gets several millions subsidy from the Irish Government to employ as much people as possible, because the Irish economy is down under in the swamp. And Germany doesn’t pay (not again). So, on June 30th I have my (official) last working day, but I’m working hard to get out earlier. Of course with the sack of money as it was offered 🙂

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Under way….

I’m sorry that I haven’t written last days, but my Railpass has kept me in the trains and travelling all over Kansai. Which means all day in slow & local trains and in the evening late back at home. Today is the last day for my Railpass, so, if I manage it, I’ll write an update tonight.
No worries, I haven’t been eaten by a tsunami 🙂


Today’s tour was nr. 3 of the Kyoto Walks which went through the Arashiyama-area (in the north-west of Kyoto). It is – just like the rest of Kyoto – full of temples, parks and historical sites & sights. The main-streets are covered with souvenirshops, but you get used to them. Every secondshop or so offers a snack-for-free, so that makes it OK.

The tour went passed the Tenryū-ji-temple..

The temple’s mainbuilding.
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