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As seen on sunday in the Harakuju park, Tokyo. The caterpillar was hanging on a thread from a tree and slowly swinging, which made it horribly difficult to focus and get the shot.


The 88 Temples of Shikoku

I see I’m not the only one thinking about a cycling tour over Shikoku: the author of this article in the Japan Times has done just the same. Another Dutch madman. I guess I’ll start reading and get myself a good mountainbike first.
The island is sooo beautiful, it would really make a very relaxing (well, relatively speaking that is: the island is quite mountaineous) holiday 😎

Views from a bike: A scene on the way to Yokomine-ji Temple in Ehime Prefecture, number 60 on the Shikoku pilgrimage route. JAN-WILLEM PAIJENS PHOTOS

Now, where do I find books about this tour?

Holiday 2.0

I call this week “Holiday 2.0” for obvious reasons – it’s the second holiday in Kyoto, without having departed and returned. 🙂 The sun has finally started to shine again and the temperatures have increased. So I think I will be suffering terribly from the prolongued stay…. haha, will not!

Spring 'es in the air!

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Osaka: Japan Mint

Yesterday I broke the bloggers-rule and did not write a new post – sorry! But the weather wasn’t cooperating and it was a rainy day again. I wanted to visit Osaka: every year the Japan Mint (where those pretty ¥en come from) organizes a cherryblossom-viewing “festival” along the river. In that park there are hundeds of cherrytrees of all different sorts, so the blossoms are varied. Sadly is the blossomseason really over, because the trees were dropping the blossoms:

It still was funny to see how silly some Japanese people can be sometimes.
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Miyazu – Der Weg ist das Ziel!

On wednesday I went on a long traintrip to Miyazu to (ab)use my Railpass to the max. Miyazu is a little fishertown on the north-coast of Kansai, which is not even mentioned in my Lonely Planet Travelguide. And usually that means there is absolutely, completely nothing to do. Which proved correct: the town was asleep and will only wake up when the summer-tourists come into town.
But as they say: “Der Weg ist das Ziel”. I had to change trains twice (Sonobe and Fukuchiyama); the last train was a private Rail-Company (which is very usual in Japan in the more remote areas) called “Kitakinkitango Miyafuku Line”.
Beautiful trains they use: the first wagon was the green one and the second was the blue one.

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