The Eagle has landed

.. or as Wim T. Schippers would say: “We zijn weer thuis!”.

Even with flightnumber 911 we arrived safely, without any skyscrapers in our way 🙂


Ice, ice, baby!!

I called FinnAir earlier this afternoon but there is no new update available yet. The last info is that Finnish airspace remains closed until sunday, April 18 15:00 local time and my flight is supposed to land 15:10. It is not sure yet, but likely that this will be prolongued and that my flight is cancelled. Next available flight, with connection to Berlin is next week Sunday, April 25th at 11:00 from Osaka and arriving again at 15:10 in Helsinki. So my holiday will be one week longer! Luckily I am in the guesthouse and not at some airport and luckily I can stay here a week longer!
Because that flight is expected to be filled soon, I decided to change the flight and stay one week longer here. I do not wish to start a flight and then end up at Helsinki Airport for 5 days or at some place inbetween…like in Irkutsk with a forced stay there for several days. So: I’m staying one week longer in Kyoto!!!
(Ad whispers softly: “YIHAAA!”)

= = NL = =

Ik heb zojuist met FinnAir gebeld, maar zij hebben nog geen update van de actuele situatie.
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Iceland comes to the help

(deze tekst in het Nederlands onderaan)
Hopla, I just read that all flights to and from Helsinki and Berlin are cancelled until saturday 15:00 EET. My FinnAir-flight is on sundaymorning and I should arrive in Helsinki on sundayafternoon around 16:00, so maybe it takes place as planned. But I will not know untill tomorrow-afternoon… Haha, maybe I get stuck here in Kyoto and the eruption lasts for weeks…. LOL I do hope the insurance will pay for my prolonged stay 😎


16.4.10 Restrictions in air traffic may last several days

Updated 16.4.2010 at 6.30 am. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the volcanic ash plume will stay above Finland several days.

The development is monitored continually. The flight restrictions are approximately valid until Saturday, April 17, 3 pm.

Aangezien het toch wel een buitengewoon geval is: hier ook de tekst in het Nederlands:
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