Live poultry – w/o further comments


…of course again from Williamsburg!


“If it’s too hoppy, you’re too old”

SingleCut Beersmiths ( (factory and tastery located in the Q of the BB&Q-Band) beer tasting event (*):

1. 19-33  Queens Lagrrr: 7/10. Hoppy and that is goood!

2. Rory Pale Ale: 8.5/10. Sweet-sour and hoppy – would have been lethally dangerous if the weather was better and we were all sitting outside.

(*): Please be aware of possible judgement effects of previous tests on any following test. Should I start giving away 13/10’s, then the latest was above 9% and short-lived.

Big Apple 2.0


Today my one – week in NYC started. That 45 – minutes transfer time in Zürich had me worried,  but everything worked out fine.  Not sure if it would have if I hadn’t run though.
In Newark the train shuttle is out of service for two months, but the bus was acceptable.
The official program was opened with a delicious Single Smoke-Stack at the burger joint in Madison Square Park. Wow, that burger really was smokin’ hot! The homemade lemonade was good to have.
And now starts Amateur Night in the Apollo Theater in Harlem. 😀

New York

Today I finally completed the compilation of my pictures I took in New York. It’s a (small) selection of pictures out of 517 pictures I made in total 😉
Click on the picture below to download the slides (it’s a powerpoint-presentation; 30 MB large) or contact me if you want me to send it to you via another way.

Have fun! I know I did!!