Nikko: the temple


This picture is one of the many I made of the temple complex. I read, it was thought to be too beautiful and too perfect, so in order to not ange the gods, they put one of the last pillars in upsidedown, so the gods could see it wasn’t that perfect. Enogh gold to save Greece, that’s for sure!

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The Nikko Archers

Today I made myself unpopular with the Emperor and his family: I canceled our date! I had read just in time on the Tobu Tourist Information ( that the 17th was the first day of the annual festival at the Nikko Tosho-go Shrine. On that first day the archers come in action: first the archers receive their arrows in some ritual in front of the 5-storey pagoda (more about that pagoda later). And after that, they ride their horses past three targets and they try to hit all three with their arrow in full gallop.
So I had to postpone my date with Mr. Emperor and go to Nikko. I already have a new date next week. That man is easier to date than any woman I know of 🙂

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