Stemmen in Zeeland

Kijk, dat zie ik nu graag: dat mijn blog plots errug in is. Op staat mijn blog vandaag op de tweede plaats in de zoekresultaten “Stembiljet 2012”! Weliswaar na (en da’s wel goed zo), maar lekker vóór en nog meer van die flut!

Zoekresultaten van vandaag

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P.S. Is Geert inmiddels al ontpolderd?



Finally, finally! After
weeks of fruitless negotiations between the dutch coalitionpartners and the growing number of ‘gedoogpartners’ and hiding in the dutch Catshuis, the discussions have ended in

…as was to be expected anyway….

P A R T Y ! !

Which means, the dutch will finally get a chance (again) to go to the

fill out one of those pretty little A0-sized

and get a new government! Yihaa!

Actually, these past negotiations reminded me of the Sisters Karamazov by Drs. P

Terwijl de kater sliep

en de pendule liep

en de kanarie sprak, tjiep, tjiep, tjiep, tjiep.

So, before the same mischief happens again, here’s a little lesson in democracy from Plato (Mickey Mouse’s dog):

BTW: Whoever votes for Blonde Geert again is an